“the free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”


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This kid my younger brother Brenton Shumaker is friends with, in New Haven Connecticut is so gifted.


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There is a Gun man on Yale University Old Campus right now and I’m here … Stuck

Yes the title is true I have been stuck here with the campus lock down for about an hour now. this was so unexpected. I woke up this morning, one of my many  mornings coming to visit my now ill  grandmother Fay Joyner a former Yale employee, to come to the doctors to get blood drawn. She was done in 5 minutes, a simple in and out appointment so I thought. I thought incorrectly only moments after we got in they announced “there is a gun man on campus this is not a test take shelter” and by take shelter they really mean lock down.  I cannot think of any reason in the world a Yale student would go crazy. Yale students lead a perfect life I desire to be one of them, they are all so well groomed, polished, smart, and on every woman’s wish list for the perfect spouse. I may reconsider my requirements for my spouse now. I’m looking around it could be anyone they have no idea who the gunman is. How long is this going to keep up? 

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Campus Policy|Wildcat Whobe Whatte? The New Wildcat Wednesdays

for my JWUCLT students

Wildcat Wednesday

By Felicia Anderson

Johnson & Wales University School of Business, Senior Blogger

The buzz around campus has been all about the new Wildcat Wednesdays! On Thursday, October 31st, the university received a memo from the university president, Arthur Gallagher. In the memo, pictured above, President Gallagher announced that the university will be lax on their dress code policy on Wednesdays. As mentioned in Maintaining Youthful Ethics of Professional Dress Code, students must be in business casual attire for all academic courses, but on Wednesdays the students can wear what they want to…..

Last week was the first Wildcat Wednesday here at the Charlotte campus. To our surprise, the number of student participants was not what we had expected. A few students showed up to class in jeans, but most were dressed in the JWU norm. Even fewer students had Johnson & Wales t-shirts on. When asked about the new policy…

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Community |How Charlotte’s B-Cycles Can Benefit Students & Businesses

Cycle in Charlotte, NC get active!


By Joe Piper III

Blogger for Johnson & Wales University School of Business

 Last spring the city of Charlotte saw the arrival of the B-cycle, a quick and easy rentable bicycle that was first placed sporadically around the city is now seeing a widespread placement around Uptown Charlotte, and surrounding neighborhoods. The B-cycle allows users to rent the bike for a fee of $8 for a 30 minute bike ride and an additional $ 4 every 30 minutes after that. The B-cycle also offers   membership opportunity that allows members to rent from anywhere at any time for free and without a time limit, The annual membership is $65 and the student membership is $15 but only lasts 6 months. Both memberships come with a free helmet that can be picked up at the Uptown B-cycle center in the Time Warner Cable Arena, the memberships also grant…

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